Frequently Asked Questions

Das Energi

When and where is Das Energi Festival 2019?

August 16th & 17th at The Saltair in Salt Lake City, Utah.

What if the weather is bad?

Das Energi Festival happens rain or shine!

When is the full lineup announced?

Lineup details are coming soon. Join the Facebook Event for the most current updates.

Will you release the set times before Das Energi?

Yes, set times will be released sometime during the week prior to the event. Set times are subject to change.

What time does the festival begin and end?

Das Energi Festival hours: 5:00 pm – 2:00 am each night

When is the best time to arrive?

There will be people waiting at the gates before they are open. We open gates at 5PM and the busiest point of the night ranges from 8-11PM. Always arrive earlier than the time you want to be inside to allow time for parking and getting through security. We do our best to keep the flow of lines moving and appreciate your patience!

What’s the deal with parking?

Parking is $10 per day per car. To save time and money we recommend car pooling plus driving to the show is always way more fun with friends and a aux cord. You may leave your car overnight in the parking lot, but no sleeping in the lot and you must pay for parking each day. Also don’t be a dummy and ahead and make sure you have a safe and sober driver!

So what if I’m not driving to the show?

Uber, Lyft and other ride shares will pick up riders to and from Das Energi Festival. Expect some wait time as it’s a pretty big event. Shuttle pass

Where can I store my things? Do you offer lockers?

Store your stuff securely, and keep your cell phone powered up! Lockers allow you unlimited in-and-out access throughout the weekend, and each one features a universal cell phone charger. Pro tip: The lockers make a great meeting point for your group!


Is there camping at this festival?

The Saltair is near the airport so any ‘airport’ area hotels are best. Downtown Salt Lake City is also in the area, about a 10-15 minute drive. Hotel & Travel Package details are coming soon.

Is there an age limit? Can I sign in someone under 18?

This is an 18+ event, there are no minors allowed inside the event.

Can I leave and come back? Or can I go out to my car and back inside?

Don’t be sneaky! There is no re-entry for this event.

What do I get with a VIP Pass?

VIP is the way to go IMO. First, you’ll get expedited entry inside the event with a VIP only line. Inside there is a VIP area located on the Southwest corner up the stairs. 18+ are allowed up the stairs into the VIP but not into the bar area. Inside the VIP there will be plenty of seating to hang out along with premium viewing boxes for the best views of the stage. There is also a premium viewing area in the middle of the Energi Field just for our VIP. There will be free water provided by your VIP staff.

21+ VIP patrons can enjoy a VIP dedicated line at the bar so you’ll never have to wait for a drink inside Das Energi Festival. AND we have a special Das Energi merch item just for you.

Are there single day tickets available?

Not at this time! We get it some people can’t hang and only want to party one night! That’s ok we still love you! Single Day tickets may be available if the festival does not sell out of 2-day wristbands. Single Day tickets will not receive an official Das Energi 2019 wristband.

What can I and can’t I bring inside the festival?

A full list of items that are allowed inside and items that you shouldn’t bring can be found HERE.

How do I bring my medical prescription?

If you do need to bring a medical prescription in, you can check in with the security manager at the front gates.

*All details are subject to change. Please check back closer to the event date for the most accurate information.

Can I bring in my vape gear?

Vapes and vape juice are allowed inside. You can only bring in unopened bottles of vape juice though.

Can I bring a sign or totem?

Totems are welcome at Das Energi Festival! Here are some guidelines to making a totem! Must be smaller than 6 feet, and no thicker than 1 inch. Must be made of light materiel: swim noodles, foam-type material, cardboard tubes, fabric, string yarn, light plastic, balloons, and/or blow-up items. Totems made of wood, metal, and/or PVC material will NOT be allowed. This include flagpoles and heavy sticks. Any item deemed dangerous will not be allowed. Security and staff have discretion to allow and not allow any totems they find dangerous or unsuitable.

Can I bring my camera?

We do not allow outside cameras inside of Das Energi without prior approval for press and media.

Can I bring my camel-bak, hydration packs and empty water bottles?

Camel-baks or hydration packs are allowed at Das Energi Festival empty water bottles are not. Camel-baks or hydration packs must be empty upon arrival. And they will not be allowed in 21+ Bar area, please plan accordingly. There will be a water refill station outside and water for sale inside along with drinking fountains.

Can I be a vendor? I want to work with you? I want my company at Das Energi Festival.

Email with the subject line: “Das Energi Vendor” for more details.

Can I work or volunteer at Das Energi?

Yes, we have positions available to work Das Energi Festival! Email with the subject line: “Work at Das Energi” for more details.

I’m a blogger or apart of the media can I get a press pass?

If you are interested in applying for a press pass please email for more info.

Can I use my debit or credit card inside? Do you have ATMS?

Yes you can use your plastic. To purchase tickets, merch, food etc.. We do accept card. Parking is cash only. There are ATMs located inside the event.

Can I get a refund or exchange my tickets?

No, we do not offer any refunds or exchanges on tickets. Treat your physical tickets like cash, once you purchase a physical ticket it is your responsibility. For more details on tickets go HERE

Do I have to print my ticket or can I bring it on my phone?

You can print your ticket OR bring it on your phone. Make sure you’ve downloaded the scannable code before you arrive at the venue as service issues have been known to happen.

What if I have a question about my online ticket?

Please contact the outlet you purchased your ticket from. Ticketfly or Smithtix.

I have a temporary ID. I lost my ID. What can I bring instead?

US or foreign government-issued passport that contain a photograph and date of birth. College IDs with photograph (will not grant you entry to the bar) High School Identification with a birth certificates (must have both and will not grant entry to bar). We will NOT accept high-school identification without a birth certificates. Consular Identification, licenses issued in countries other than the U.S, expired identification of any kind, or Xerox copies of any Identification.

I lost something, help!

Lost and found is available after the event.