Spotlight: Seven Lions

Jeff Montalvo, better known as Seven Lions, has been transcending through the electronic dance music scene since entering a remix contest for Above & Beyond’s song, You Got To Go. From the beginning, blending dubstep and trance, Montalvo has turned heads in the dance music community pioneering a new vitality to the two established genres. His innovating style created a staple to the Seven Lions sound that continues to sweep crowds away with his flawless way of delivering all spectrums of genre and sensation. Influenced by metal, Montalvo’s passion for music began young, being in metal bands all through his teenage years, he still listens to metal when he isn’t producing his own music. He finds inspiration in distinctive female vocalists, referring to a woman’s voice as, “the ultimate instrument,” because it is the only sound he will never be able to produce. The epic that is Seven Lion’s continues as we welcome him back to Das Energi Festival for another climactic journey.

Favorite Track:

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