Spotlight: Destructo

One of the Godfathers of raves is coming to dance with you Salt Lake City. From sea to shining sea Destructo has been putting dance music on the map. Destructo has created and curated major festivals like All My Friends Festival, Electric Zoo and HARD Events, and this past year he completely sold out the maiden voyage of Friendship not to mention he is the president of Live Style. He has also created music with some of the hottest names in not just dance music but in the world including Pusha T, Busta Rhymes, E-40, and Yo Gotti. He’s undeniably one of the forefathers of G-House, if you aren’t familiar G-house combines elements of House music with Rap. Expect the heat to be turned way up when the don Destructo hits the Das Energi Festival stage this August.

Hot Track:

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