Spotlight: Bingo Players

When two teenage boys came together in Enschede, Holland, and discovered they were producing on the same early software ProTracker,  Maarten Hoogstraten and Paul Bamer, instantly bonded and were heavily influenced by the strong cultural presence in the Dutch dance music scene. Established in 2006, Bingo Players, made a name for themselves in their home land giving them the credibility they needed to tour around Europe and then around the world. In 2013 Paul Bamer was diagnosed and passed away from a sudden cancer diagnosis, his last request to his DJ partner of 15 years was to carry on the Bingo Players flag & legacy.  Bingo Players is a legendary name in dance music, that will always be plural to honor Bamer and we will welcome him with the strongest vitality of love and respect as the act takes the stage of Das Energi Festival 2019.

Favorite Track:

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