Lost and Found Tips

Das Energi attendees review these tips from our Lost & Found department to make sure you aren’t losing your things, (and the advice you can follow to make sure you get them back!)

  • Having a name on an item makes it easier for anyone who finds an item to return it to its rightful owner! If we can log items by name it will make it that much easier for us to return when the rightful owner comes looking for it.
  • Be mindful of where you put valuables, if they are in a loose pocket, tucked in a shirt, or in a bag that doesn’t completely shut it is at risk of being lost.
  • Having bags that have zipper compartments opposed to open pockets. Place Items like; phones, keys, wallets, ID’s, & vapes in the innermost pocket of your bags.
  • Make sure to double-check for your tickets, ID’s, keys & phones when leaving the shuttle bus from the parking lot, (this is a common place where things get left in the excitement of getting into the festival.)
  • Always check the ground at the spots you sit down, or hang out in for a period of time before walking away.
  • Create a meeting spot for your squad, if someone loses their phone having a place to meet will cause less stress.


  • Make your wallpaper a photo of you, or something you can clearly describe.
  • If it is a photo of you add some text like: “Hi I belong to Your Name, please contact: Enter Friends # if found.” Do not use default wallpapers.
  • Have a phone case & pop socket you can describe. Add unique stickers to make it easier to identify.


  • Do not carry single keys around.
  • Have a key chain or lanyard you can describe.
  • Keep keys in a secure pocket that you don’t open throughout the night.


  • Make sure to take out all valuable documents that you won’t need in the festival, like social security, rewards cards, or gift cards.
  • Don’t bring a large amount of cash, enough for water, merch, & chicken tenders,( there is an ATM if you need more). Stolen or lost cash can’t be replaced, but you can cancel credit/debit cards. 😃

Lost & Found will have two locations at Das Energi Festival, one on the beach Info Tent and the other location will be inside next to the women’s bathrooms.

You can contact Lost & Found at FOUND@V2PRESENTS.COM.