The Energi Field Lineup Breakdown

The Energi Field at Das Energi Festival is the main stage featuring The Reactor. A custom designed stage that combines a towering structure with lasers, pyro. Plus a line up full of massive festival powerhouse DJs playing all weekend long.

You could go upstairs to the balcony for a cold drink for our 21+ attendees. Or you could find a spot to dance on the grass inside the amphitheater. There’s plenty of places to call home for a set on the Energi Field.

Read on to get a breakdown of the Energi Field’s lineup at Das Energi 2021. 

The Reactor Stage on The Energi Field at Das Energi Festival with fire turned on.

Starting on the House Music end of the spectrum.

Our first headliner, hailing from Chicago but considered a Utah local mostly because of his time at BYU, Kaskade is coming for that headline hour on the Energi Field. Those headline hours are full of fireworks, massive drops and pure magic. 

If you aren’t familiar with his catalog Kaskade has produced music for over 20 years and you’ve no doubt heard one of his many hits somewhere on a dance floor. He has released over 15 albums and has produced hits with Deadmau5, Tiesto, Skrillex and more. 

Find big room sounds, love fueled lyrics and the hottest dance tracks in the game when Kaskade takes on the headline hour at the Energi Field Friday night. 

If Kaskade is your vibe you will definitely want to check out EDX, Jai Wolf, Croatia Squad, Thrillogy and ER. 

Moving on to the House + Bass infused sets at Das Energi Festival.

Another talent you’ll find at the Energi Field is Gryffin. Who is well known for his remixing ability. He was classically trained on the keys as a child and this training shines through on his releases. Apple Music describes his music as ‘Melodic house at its most emotive’ and we couldn’t agree more. 

Maybe the House Music sounds aren’t for you. If it’s a little harder vibes you are looking for then you should make time for Troyboi on your dance card. His unique take on Trap music is exactly what we need to hear on The Reactors speakers. 

But if it’s some serious bass sounds you need, look no further than LSDream. The goal with this project ‘LSDream’ is to spread love through complex sounds and immersive and well-thought out visuals. And that’s exactly what we expect to happen when he takes the stage on Friday of Das Energi.

Other notable bass music artists on The Energi Field is Space Bass mastermind Lucii and the legendary Feed Me. 


Looking for Bass Music at Das Energi Festival?

Moving right, along into the bass world. We’ve arrived at the melodic bass side of the spectrum. Get ready for these next few artists. Our headliner Illenium is going to bring the emotional moments. All while still making you headbang and rage your night away.

Denver based but internationally loved Illenium has made some major waves in the dance music world. He was on list of Forbes 30 under 30 in 2020. And in just the last month he has played the first ever concert at the new Allegient Stadium in Las Vegas and dropped a new album. It’s no wonder he has a fan base that adores him the way they do. You’ll find Illenium Jerseys all throughout the Energi Field on Saturday night, along with a crowd singing along to every single word. 

If Illenium tickles your musical taste buds you will definitely want to check out Jai Wolf, Yetep, Gryffin, Ekali and Eternal all playing at The Energi Field at Das Energi Festival.


No matter what type of music draws you to the Energi Field, you will without a doubt feel the Energi at our main stage. And make sure you’re looking up at the end of the night. There’s a magical moment when fireworks become the backdrop of The Reactor. You’ll be able to touch the ENERGI in the air. 

The main stage at Das Energi Festival.