Spotlight: Daily Bread

Delivering us our Daily Bread, Rhet Whatley, is a DJ and hip hop producer coming from Atlanta with a strong electro-soul vitality, his unique take on producing and promoting his music emulates of a fresh 90’s vibe. Inspired by his vinyl record collection & boom bap style, Daily Bread began producing in 2014 and takes on the modern dance scene with homage to the music culture he grew up on. Though he is becoming more visible on the festival circuit, his underground vibe is reflected in his back to basics promotional style, Whatley will release a limited amount of cassette tapes with his latest workings, equipped with a personalized fold out J-Cards that fans can appreciate in the modern age of streaming. Daily bread will be bringing soul to our Das Energi lineup, you will just need to bring your body & be ready to get lost in the fulfilling beats.

Hot Track:

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