Wristbands and YOU! 

Das Energi Festival has expanded to two days and with that expansion we’ve added wristbands to our festival.

Below is a guide on everything wristbands and tickets so you can come to The Energi Field prepared and make your entry into the festival seamless.  


When you purchase the 2 Day option you will receive a hard copy ticket or an online ticket that will need to be exchanged for a wristband outside the gates of the festival. We’ve designed the flow of the gates so you’ll only need to jump in one line. This line will take you through the wristband exchange point then straight to the security line. Make sure you have your physical ticket or ticket on your phone ready to go.
Once you get your wristband there are a few things to remember. Do not remove or alter your wristband. They are designed to stay on your wrist all weekend long. If you do happen to pull it too tight make sure you talk to one of our ticketing staff members and they can help you out.


If you’re scanning a ticket from your phone make sure you open the email and download the PDF/ticket before you arrive at the venue. Service can be spotty out at The Saltair and it’s always better to have it ready to go before you arrive! Also pro-tip turn the brightness on your phone up so it’s easier to scan!


Tickets and wristbands are like cash, we do not replace, refund or exchange them once they’re in your hands. We recommend never buying from 3rd parties or unauthorized sellers, we have a full list of authorized outlets + ticket promoters that you can safely purchase tickets from. If you do buy from outside our network of approved vendors you do so at your own risk! Check out the event description on our Facebook event here to get the list of full authorized sellers.

Any questions or concerns please contact Das Energi Festival and we will work our hardest to get your questions answered. You can reach out to us at info@v2presents.com or directly through our Facebook page!