Where Das Energi Calls Home

There’s something about music festivals that makes you feel like you’re in another world.

Once you walk through the gates you’ve left behind the reality of everyday life. Once you feel the vibrations from the speakers and see the burst of lights and lasers, the real world doesn’t exist. Inside music festivals is where many feel the most at home. A safe place to express yourself whether it’s through what you wear or how you dance, everyone finds their place inside this world and all are welcome.

For Das Energi Festival, we call The Great Saltair our home. It is one of the most unusual yet fascinating structures in the entire state of Utah. For those not familiar with The Great Saltair, it can almost seem like a mirage materializing out of the salt flats. It’s hard to imagine that the building that we now call home was once even more majestic than it is today.

The Original Great Saltair

Originally The Great Saltair was designed to become the west coast’s version of Coney Island complete with a boardwalk to the water, amusement park and at the time the world’s largest dance floor. A train ran daily from Salt Lake City and over half a million people visited the resort each year. The history behind The Great Saltair, while joyous for many years, could also be described as a series of unfortunate events. A fire in 1925 destroyed most of the resort, and since then was  never the same. After being rebuilt, attendance to the resort began to dwindle, seemingly due to other entertainment options closer to the city once The Saltair closed its doors. The Great Saltair was reopened years later but the Salt Lake water levels had receded and caused the resort to become totally abandoned. Forty years later another fire destroyed the remaining buildings and left only the remnants that  it once stood on.  

The final Saltair building and grounds that Das Energi Festival now calls home was rebuilt using salvaged aircraft hanger parts a mile away from the original location but the history can still be felt throughout its walls. From it’s beginnings as the world’s largest dance floor to the home of Das Energi – the vision for The Great Saltair has always been to bring a feeling of wonderment to any and all  who enter.

Generations of Dancers

As you walk through the doors during your weekend at Das Energi and you take your first step onto the dancefloor take a moment to think about those who danced before you. Think about the five generations who have stepped onto the same dance floor as you. Think about the music and dancing that bonded those individuals together. The  shared moments of happiness and those experiences living on forever through the memories they created and still cherish years later. Think about all those moments that you’ve created on that dance floor. Surrounded by friends who have become family and strangers who quickly become friends and all those memories you create with them. That feeling; that connection you begin to feel to all those dancers around you and from each generation before that is a piece of the current that connects us all.