Festival Dates:
Friday August 18th & Saturday August 19th 2017


General Information

Das Energi Festival will take place, rain or shine, August 18th & 19th, at The Great Saltair. All artist set times are subject to change. Everyone is subject to search upon entry to the festival. There is no re-entry for this festival, once your leave you cannot come back inside the festival.


Das Energi Festival will take place at The Great Saltair.

Address: 12408 West Saltair Drive, Magna, UT 84044

Phone: (801) 250-6205


Your tickets/wristbands are like cash we do not replace, refund or exchange. Be aware when purchasing from 3rd parties or unauthorized sellers buy at your own risk. Refer to the Das Energi 2017 Facebook event for a full list of authorized outlets + ticket promoters.


2 Day Passes will need to be exchanged for a 2 Day Wristband. Do not enter the festival with your paper copy of your pass. Visit the Wristband booth outside the security line when you arrive on Day 1 to exchange your wristband. 2 Day Wristbands must be worn at all times. No transferring of wristbands. Altered or cut wristbands will not be accepted.

Single Day Tickets

Single Day tickets will not receive wristbands. If you’re using a print-at-home ticket you can use the pdf on your phone and it will be scanned upon entry. Be sure to find the email with the PDF and screenshot the image before arriving, service can be affected and can sometimes make it impossible to pull up the information needed.


Everything the General Admission tickets offer plus private viewing area and access to the VIP lounge, expedited entry with quick hassle free lines with water & snacks!

Box Office & Will Call

Depending on availability tickets will be sold on the day of the festival at the box office. Prices will rise on the day of show, so purchase ahead of time if possible. Will Call is located next to the box office, you must have your photo ID to pick up tickets. If you are transferring tickets you must follow the policies from the ticket outlet where you purchased the ticket.

Accepted Forms of ID

• Any US government-issued driver's license or ID card, US or foreign government-issued passport that contain a photograph and date of birth.
• College IDs with photograph (will not grant you entry to the bar)
• Highschool Identification with a birth certificate (must have both and will not grant entry to bar)

Not Accepted forms of ID

• Highschool Identification without a birth certificate
• Consular Identification
• Licenses issued in countries other than the U.S.
• Expired identification of any kind.
• Xerox copies of any Identification

What to bring

• Small Bags, single compartment regular-size/unframed backpacks, plush backpacks, and purses
• Portable phone chargers
• CamelBaks (must empty upon arrival and will be subject to search, and camel baks will not be allowed in the 21+ bar)
• Sealed packs of tobacco items only (cigarettes, chew, etc..)
• E-cigs/Vapes/Mechanical Mods extra e-cig batteries (please fill before entering)
• Unopened factory sealed bottles of E-Juice (there will be no vendor with E-juice inside so come prepared)
• Earplugs
• Hula hoops including led hoops, staffs, POI, and other large flow toys (will be searched)
• Inflatables (must be deflated upon entry)
• Flags/banners or handmade signs (no corporate/company brands and no hard flagpoles)
• EL wire
• Mascot Costumes
• Your ticket
• Your ID
• Comfortable Clothing
• Good Vibes ONLY

What NOT To Bring

• Water bottles
• Weapons of any kinds
• Illegal substances and/or paraphernalia
• Large or framed backpacks, purses or bags
• Digital Cameras of any kind
• Professional video/audio recording equipment
• Professional still camera equipment with a detachable lens longer than 2 inches, tripods, big zooms, or commercial-use rigs
• Selfie sticks, GoPro cameras or attachments
• Lawn furniture, chairs, tents
• Laser pointers
• Glass or can containers of any kind
• Markers, sharpies, paint pens, or spray paint
• Promotional items, samples, giveaways, flyers, or stickers
• Large totems (see totem guidelines)
• Bandanas
• LED gloves or LED microlights (For Security reasons these are not allowed to be brought in but the venue offers inexpensive LED gloves)
• Over the counter medication, liquid makeup or unsealed tampons
• Lighters ( look up the fires at The Saltair )

Prescription Meds

Must show physician's prescription and consult with the Security manager upon entry.


Must be smaller than 6 feet, and no thicker than 1 inch. Must be made of light materiel: swim noodles, foam-type material, cardboard tubes, fabric, string yarn, light plastic, balloons, and/or blow-up items. Totems made of wood, metal, and/or PVC material will NOT be allowed. This include flagpoles and heavy sticks.

Any item deemed dangerous will not be allowed.


We welcome all costumes at Das Energi Festival. We only ask that you do not wear your mask during the security search or that you do not bring any realistic looking weapon props. Feel free to express yourself! Makeup, wigs, props, costumes. You do YOU!

Lost & Found

Following the event, lost items will be held at the Saltair. Contact the Saltair at (801) 250-6205. Please allow 72 hours for a response.


Parking is $10 per car, per day. There are two lots, the main lot, and the overflow lot. There will be a shuttle to take you to and from your car at the overflow lot. We recommend arriving early to snag the overflow lot for a easier and quicker exit after the show. No tailgating in the parking lot. Security will be roaming so be aware! The Saltair offers a dedicated parking area for people with disabilities, please advise the parking attendant to assist.

Safety & Medical

You will be searched upon entry. Event security and safety personnel will be located throughout the festival grounds for the entire duration of the festival. There will be emergency medical and security personnel onsite around the clock. If you need Emergency medical or police attention, please find a staff person with a radio, go to the medical room located (left of the stage inside) or tell one of the security personnel. Refer to festival guide for locations.


ATMs will be located inside the venue. Concessions will be available serving food, drinks, and water throughout the night.

For our 21 and Over Attendees

Mixed drinks and cold beers will be served at the bars located upstairs at the festival. Be sure to get your 21+ wristband before entering the bar.

Festival Tips

Staying hydrated throughout the event is crucial. It is important to drink water at regular intervals. Using the buddy system is important! Make sure your friends are happy, hydrated, and having a good time. If you see something that isn’t right SPEAK UP! Our community is what makes the vibes of our event so beautiful and it takes everyone to keep the night going!

Please do not sit on designated dance floor areas, dancing only. No moshing, crowd-surfing or stage diving. Don’t be that guy!

Any questions or concerns you can contact V2 Presents at



The Great Saltair
12408 West Saltair Drive
Magna, Utah, 84044

Directions from Salt Lake

Directions to the Great Saltair: Off I-80 (I-80 west if coming from Salt Lake City area) it is exit 104 Saltair Drive. We are 10 miles past the Salt Lake International airport.


Multiple parking lots surrounding the venue will be available to you. Please be green and carpool! $10 Parking Fee (Per Day)(Per Vehicle) collected at the Gate.


Salt Lake City International Airport
776 North Terminal Drive Salt Lake City, Utah
(801) 575-2401

Ground Transportation

City Cab 801-363-5550
Ute Cab 801-359-7788
Yellow Cab 801-521-2100

Public Transit

Greyhound Bus
300 South 600 West Salt Lake City, UT

Hours 6:00am–11:00pm Friday & Saturday
9:45am–10:00pm Sunday

Shuttles and Limousines

Alta Shuttle

All Resort Express

Canyon Transportation

Express Shuttle

Park City Transportation

Xpress 4 Less 855-645-9388

Discounted LYFT & UBER Codes

Coming soon.