How to Stay Hydrated at Das Energi Festival

Keep Hydrated
Water carries heat away from your internal organs before serious damage occurs, which can lead to heat stroke and even death. The heat travels through your bloodstream to your skin, causing you to sweat. As the sweat evaporates, this allows you to cool off and maintain a safe body temperature, optimal functioning and health. Hydration should be a main focus during the Das Energi Festival to keep you cool and happy! 
When it’s hot; water is not optional to keep your body functioning. When it’s hot PLUS your dancing all day and night water is a necessity to keep you healthy and feeling good. Water helps regulate the bodies internal temperature. It’s fuel for your muscles, a toxin remover and fatigue buster. We plan on partying pretty hard at Das Energi Festival so staying hydrated is key!
Check out all the information you need on staying hydrated and keeping cool inside the world of Das Energi Festival.
Water Stations
We’ve teamed up with the crew over at Watermonster to make sure you have access to water all night long! These monsters are no joke. They have 6 water spouts per station, and each can fill over 1,000 water bottles! Make sure you fill up frequently throughout the night to stay healthy and hydrated!
Hydration paksDas Energi hydration pak
  • Because of the length of the festival and the heat during Das Energi we allow our patrons to bring hydration paks inside the festival.
  • They must be empty upon entry.
  • No hydrationpaks allowed upstairs in the 21+ bar area.
  • We will have a bag check where you can check your bag before heading upstairs for a cold one with the boys. Cost will be $10 for the entire day and you will be able to take your bag out unlimited times each day.
  • Don’t have a hydration pak? You’re in luck! We’ve designed an exclusive Das Energi Hydration Pak on-sale right now on our online shop or inside the Das Energi at the festival merch booth!
Be on the look out!
Look out for your fellow dance floor partners! Watch for the tell tell signs of dehydration and make sure those around you stay hydrated! Signs of dehydration include dry mouth and lips, muscle cramps, fatigue, dizziness and excessive sweating. If you or your friends begin to feel overheated or fatigued at any point be sure to take a break, find some shade, drink some water and take care of yourself!