Das Energi Artist Spotlight – Rusko

Das Energi Festival welcomes back dubstep OG Rusko to Salt Lake City to take the stage at this year’s event. UK bass producer Rusko has been producing bass music since the early 2000’s being apart of the initial U.K. dubstep movement creating sounds for a fun bouncy vibe but still delivering the heavy hitters to the dubstep genre. After graduating from Leeds College of Music, Rusko moved to London to further his music career by joining the “Sub Soldiers” label with fellow U.K. bass artist Caspa. Since then Rusko’s career took off with his unique sounds of high energy dubstep that stayed away from the dark sounds and energy dubstep was known for.

Rusko released “Cockyness” which was labeled as a, “top 50 events in dance music history” by the Guardian UK. After the release, Rusko then released a handful of remixes, singles, and EP’s that displayed his wide variety of sounds from heavy dubstep to happy bounce music. Rusko has also been credited for working with musical artist M.I.A. and Cypress Hill producing their albums. After a brief leave of absence music in 2017 due to a personal health reason, Rusko is returning in 2018 to remind everyone he isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Rusko has started this year off hot with releasing singles and a new EP, “ Has Made 5 More Songs”, displaying his sounds from wobbly riddim to bouncy bass showing his diverse skills behind his music. He is also touring across North America, we can’t wait to watch him take the stage at Das Energi!

Top Songs To Listen To

Cockyney Thug

Woo Boost

Hold On 

Shots Go Off 


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