Energi Field

Attractions Energi Fields

You'll feel the pulsations in your body, the intensity in your heart, and you’ll begin to feel the pure bliss takeover your body as you enter the Energi Field. The gravitational pull will draw you in and connect you to the true spirit of Das Energi. The currents streaming from the speakers and beaming from the souls of each Das Dancer will begin to fuse together and your senses will heighten and you'll truly understand why it's called the Energi Field.

Upon the golden hour the sun will begin to set across the salt flats. The dance floor vibes will start to intensify, attracting the masses all patiently waiting for what happens when the sun sets. That's when The Temple of Boom will have reached its max potential. Igniting the night sky with a tower of blazing pyro and illuminating the Energi Field with a kaleidoscopic of lights and lasers. Venture into the Energi Field and experience the transformation for yourself.

Synergy Station

Attractions Synergy Station

Synergy is defined as the extra force, power, or strength that is achieved by two elements combining together. Each person who enters the station will begin to generate their own unique synergy. Your synergy will sync with the output from your comrades on the dance floor and the vibrations from the wheels of steels on the top deck.

Once in full sync the Synergy Station will rapidly hit maximum levels and take off to cosmic space. Prepare to dock at the Synergy Station as you enter world of Das Energi Festival.

Galactic Flats

Attractions Galactic Flats

Travel to the end of the horizon over the Energi Field and enter an environment gauged towards free expression and open exploration.The Galactic Flats features only the freshest sound selectors to curate the space and a constellation of stimulating art installations.

Make the trek to the edge of Das Energi, bond with the extragalactic beings on the shores of The Salt Lake and enter the most radical atmosphere Das Energi has to offer; The Galactic Flats.

V2 Performers

Attractions V2 Performers

"Joy and happiness" - that's the literal meaning of à gogo, the French word from which the term "go go" was derived. And our own team of V2 Performers will bring nothing but joy and happiness to the stages inside the world of Das Energi Festival. The V2 Performers continually inspire the crowds by sharing their dance moves and seamlessly energize the stages with their exhilarating presence.

Each performer dawn's handmade costumes and curated looks that transform them into living breathing art installations and the V2 Performers continue to be one of the most exclusive and alluring additions of the Das Energi experience.

Art Installations

Attractions V2 Performers

The beauty of the Salt Flats is breath taking on it's own, as it creates the perfect setting to showcase the many unique artists at Das Energi. With installations that are meant to stimulate your heart and your Energi, wonder around the festival grounds and you may just stumble onto a creation that will spark something inside your heart.

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