Das Energi Festival Allowed Items

Allowed Items

  • Small Bags, single compartment regular-size/unframed backpacks, plush back packs, and purses
  • Portable phone chargers
  • Sealed packs of tobacco items only (cigarettes, chew, etc..)
  • E-cigs/Vapes/Mechanical Mods extra e-cig batteries, sealed bottles of E-Jucice. MUST BE SEALED.
  • Earplugs
  • Hula hoops including led hoops, staffs, POI, and other large flow toys (will be searched)
  • Inflatables (must be deflated upon entry)
  • Flags/banners or handmade signs (no corporate/company brands and no hard flagpoles)
  • EL wire
  • Camelpaks or hyrdration packs; must be empty upon arrival and subject to search.
  • Mascot Costumes
  • Prescription Meds if needed. Must show physician’s prescription and consult with the Security manager upon entry.
  • Your ticket
  • Your ID
  • Comfortable Clothing
  • Good Vibes

Items NOT Allowed

  • Weapons of any kinds
  • Illegal substances and/or paraphernalia
  • Large or framed backpacks, purses or bags
  • Digital Cameras of any kind
  • Professional video/audio recording equipment
  • Professional still camera equipment with a detachable lens longer than 2 inches, tripods, big zooms, or commercial-use rigs
  • Selfie sticks, GoPro cameras or attachments
  • Lawn furniture, chairs, tents
  • Laser pointers
  • Glass or can containers of any kind
  • Markers, sharpies, paint pens, or spray paint
  • Promotional items, samples, giveaways, flyers, or stickers
  • Large totems (see totem guidelines)
  • LED gloves or LED microlights (For Security reasons these are not allowed to be brought in but the venue offers inexpensive LED gloves)
  • Headdresses (SEE WHY HERE) 
  • Over the counter medication, liquid makeup or unsealed tampons

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